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Gaymer Nipple by stevenchase Gaymer Nipple by stevenchase
Character, art and colors by Steven Chase

I've had my Wacom Bamboo pen tablet for years, and I've only ever broken it out once. It has such a learning curve that I gave up on the idea of mastering it. As it collected dust through the years, I continued through my original process of sketching on paper, scanning, and doing the rest of the digital work by mouse.

While I can produce some nice stuff this way, it takes WAY too long. The process is cumbersome. My last major work doing that (the drawing of Roll, Roslyn, and Tempo from Mega Man) took me literally DAYS to complete.

So I decided I have to bite the bullet and learn to use this tablet. It's the way of the future. So I broke it out today, wiped the dust off... And this is the product.

It's definitely not at the level I want to be. The line art needs cleaned up, and there's a lot more shading I wanted to do. I also need to improve on my anatomy... The arm started out smaller, but I kept making it bigger until it now looks a little... off. But for what it is (and in only THREE HOURS time), I think it's pretty damn good.

It started out as a self-portrait, but as I went, I decided "well, I want plugs in the ears, not the hoops I have... And I want blue eyes, not brown... And I want sandy hair, not black... and muscles, need muscles... OK, this isn't me anymore." So now it's some random sexy gay dude with a Pac-Man nipple ring and a confused disposition.

I may go back and complete this... clean up the lines, do more intensive shading, and maybe even draw the rest of his body. We'll see.
Lilac-Vrt-Olligoci Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're anatomy is tons better than what I usually see, and at the least he looks like a dude. I can't help with the shading though because I tend to be really messy and out there in terms of shading. I know DA Poses and Posemaniacs got some good things though, with references and 30 Second Drawings is great for dynamic poses and a grasp on anatomy.

Even I'm not the best at tablet drawing, honestly. I prefer sketching it out on paper and scanning it. It's just how I roll. x'D
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December 26, 2012
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